The head of the Washington performing arts society called Hvorostovsky monumental figure for the Opera

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Russian singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky was a «monumental figure» of a world Opera scene, said RIA Novosti President of the Washington performing arts society, Jenny Belfield.

Hvorostovsky, the last few years fighting with a brain tumor, died Wednesday in London at the age of 55 years.

«He was a monumental figure in our field. And it was not only because of his unforgettable performances, but his sincerity and human qualities,» said Belfield. According to the source Agency, Hvorostovsky will be remembered for his openness and honesty both on stage and outside it.

Belfeld noted that he personally did not know of Hvorostovsky, but he has repeatedly performed in concerts with the Washington performing arts society. «He’s always been very sought-after singer, who equally was able to establish contact with the audience and with the staff. My colleagues and I mourn his care for,» she said.

According to information on the company’s website, following the concert Hvorostovsky in Washington was scheduled for April 14, 2018 at the Kennedy center. It was assumed that he will perform together with National symphonic orchestra of the United States. The program included works by Shostakovich, Liszt, and Strauss. «We mourn the death of Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who originally was to participate in this concert», — stated in the message on the website.

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