The HRC in Chechnya reported attempts to prevent women returning from Syria and Iraq

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in photobanks Russian children and women returned from Syria, at the airport of GroznyThe HRC in Chechnya reported attempts to prevent women returning from Syria and Iraq© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

Member of the Board at the head of the Chechen Republic on development of civil society and human rights Kheda Saratova told about efforts to prevent the return of children and women from the battlefields in Iraq and Syria.

«Now some moms are concerned about the resistance of the return in some regions. We had information that there was a project to send people (IG*- ed.) and was involved for sure, many employees who earn a lot of money. And what we are rescuing young people, many do not like… We have appealed to the Centre for combating extremism in the Chechen Republic,» — said Saratov at a press conference dedicated to the return in Iraq of Russian women and children, in the International multimedia press center MIA «Russia today».

She also said that she was trying to stop work on the return of Russians from Syria and Iraq, send letters supposedly from relatives of the dead officers at the hands of terrorists.

«With this latest Board we have such interesting things happened, where the man tried to get in there. It turned out that he was a former employee (law enforcement). At the man «pointed his finger» five or six moms who claimed that their daughters sent it. I personally have reported this to our agencies. Somehow, this man on the loose,» — said Saratov.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia