The scientists collected two-volume dictionary recluse Agafia Lykova

© Photo : press-service GUMCHS on Hakaniemenranta recluse Agafya Lykova. Archive photoThe scientists collected two-volume dictionary recluse Agafia Lykova© Photo : press-service GUMCHS in the Republic of Khakassia

Employees of the Krasnoyarsk Literary Museum. V. P. Astafieva, Krasnoyarsk regional Museum of local lore collected and present dictionary recluse-starowiercy Agafia, which contains the vocabulary, idioms and other linguistic material, according to the Literature Museum.

According to the Museum, the main compiler of this dictionary is a scientist, researcher, senior researcher of the regional museums Galina Tolstov who worked on the dictionary for over 15 years. Edition two-volume edition — 100 copies in hardcover. It has 4.5 thousand entries, documentary photographs and drawings.

«A unique two-volume dictionary recluse Agafia Lykova: vocabulary, idioms, sample letters of staroobryadtsy 1986-2016. the youngest daughter, Agafia Karpovna never left the Sayan taiga didn’t stay in touch with people from «the world.» Therefore, the language identity of staroobryadtsy atypical and interesting for lovers of Russian literature. Used like there are words that existed 6-7 centuries ago! For example, the word «liepaloto», meaning perjury, is not used in everyday speech since the 17th century», — stated in the message.

Agafya Lykova is the only surviving representative of the family conservatives have been found by geologists in 1978 in the Western Sayan mountains. The Lykov family lived in isolation since 1937, many years hermits tried to protect the family from the influence of the external environment, especially in relation to faith. When discovered by geologists in the taiga inhabitants were five: head of the family, Karp Lykov, the sons Savvin (45), Dimitri (age 36) and daughter Natalia (age 42), Agafya (34). In 1981, one after another, died, three of the children Savvin, Dmitry and Natalia, and in 1988 passed away father Lykov. Currently Agafya Lykova lives in the forest alone.