Turkish businessmen offered to build a Hyatt hotel in Vladivostok

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The authorities of Primorsky Krai has offered businessmen from Turkey to build the Hyatt hotels in Vladivostok, the press service of the regional administration.

Vice-Governor Alexey Nemkov met arrived in Vladivostok businessmen from Turkey and told them that the hotel on a Stormy promontory the complete redemption of the object. In this case, the owner itself completes the accommodation. The second option – the creation of the joint administration of joint stock companies, the controlling stake belongs to the Primorsky Krai. This option is offered and the hotel on Korabelnaya embankment.

«In Vladivostok there is a great need in a good hotel. You have the chance to become leaders in this field. On both objects there is design and estimate documentation, requiring adjustments in connection with toughening of fire safety requirements and security issues of residents. To complete the project perhaps a year or two,» said Nemcov.

Potential investors visited both hotels under construction and took the time to make a decision.

Turkish businessmen will work in Primorye a week. In plans of delegation talks with the region in such areas as industry, transportation, construction, agriculture and the environment.

Acting Governor Andrei Tarasenko said earlier, that found numerous violations in the construction of two five-star hotels in Vladivostok — at the Stormy Cape (former Hyatt) and on Ship quay. Tarasenko said he did not intend to sell the raising of public money, the Hyatt hotel, for which you need to look for co-investors and to finish.

Hyatt is the first in Vladivostok, the hotel is top class. The construction of two five-star hotels began in preparation for the 2012 APEC summit, but was not completed in time. Their value is constantly increased due to design faults. The former head of the contractor company «Nash Dom — Primorye» Marina Lomakina is accused of abuse of office during construction. Also as a result of inspections of building a criminal case about negligence.