«Wiring godly» who and what collects thousands of the capital’s temples

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Almost every major city you can meet people in robes gathering for the restoration of some temple or monastery in the province. But can you trust them, income is collected every day, thousands of rubles to the recipients? How the dark business «priests» and «monks» — understood the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The lost monastery

At the exit of the metro station Ulitsa 1905 an elderly woman in black standing and praying, despite the rain and strong wind. «St. father Nicholas, pray to God about us» — posted to the entire area. About every two or three minutes to meet people: someone gets rid of stuff, someone pulls out of the bag the hundred-ruble note and throws it in a small box marked «Donation to the true Orthodox Church of St. John the theologian». Bogomolca in response asks the names and writes them in a notebook.

However in a press-service of the Donskoy monastery, I was assured that the monk Alexis was not their cellarer. «If a person wants to collect donations at your Church, you must obtain permission of the Governor of the Donskoy monastery. But only in the case that provides all the papers that are checked. In General, we have on-site are prohibited to collect any donations. So if he did get through here, then it is a matter of conscience. Just on Saturday he had not seen, and would be expelled over the threshold», — assured in the monastery.

In Kozelsk of the diocese was very surprised to learn that the monk Alexy in Moscow collects money for the ascension monastery. It turns out that the Bishop’s permission is invalid.

«It turned out that he is a novice and not a monk. And we recalled him. Now we are collecting donations for the monastery involved only two people: either the priest Antony or his assistant Yaroslav. And the novice has not appeared,» clarify in the diocese.

«Impossible to catch»

Beggars in robes in large cities can be seen in almost any public place, whether of the square or gate of a famous monastery. Only in Moscow they can be found at Danilovsky, Donskoy, Pokrovsky and Novospassky monasteries, as well as at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Some of them manage to begging in the subway cars. Another profitable place — traditional routes of mass processions, for example in Velikoretskoye, Kirov region. Depending on the number of compassionate supporters daily revenue, according to experts, is from one to 15 thousand rubles.

«Often these people use their fake IDs. But it happens that the temples and monasteries give your fundraiser some papers, which are then replicated. In a monastery or a temple, it is unlikely that flows, but their names are» — said the rector of the Church, Theodore the Studite Nikitsky gate, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.

So it was with the members of the sect «God Kuzi» which came in various temples and monasteries and offered assistance in raising money. And having obtained the necessary documents, disappeared together with the money collected.

A similar incident occurred two years in the city of Achinsk of Krasnoyarsk region. There’s a group of crooks in cassocks went from house to house, collecting money for non-existent churches in the East of Ukraine. As soon as they are interested in the police, the false priests suddenly disappeared.

«Recently, the police came and all dispersed. I hid them in the store, and the nuns escaped somewhere. The next day I come here and see: Gypsy took their place. Moreover, they are Intrusive, and do not let anyone close. And spouses with drawers generally can not stand», — says an elderly woman named Lyudmila, holding a white plastic Cup of quarters. For more than a year it collects for himself opposite the alms of the monastery of the intercession. Lately its revenues are falling, pilgrims often walk past beggars, preferring to leave their donations directly to the monastery.

The clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church noted that people are less likely to trust the charity collectors. The Church at different levels constantly suggests that they can not be trusted.

Archpriest Alexei Uminsky admits that has never seen beggars in robes dared to enter the temple. The thing is that in the parishes there is a rule that all should be carried out only with the blessing of the Abbot.

«The principle contents of the temple is first of all the donations of parishioners. In General, I doubt that any priest will give to strangers a blessing to raise money for different temple. If any of the clergy know the needs of his fellow priests living in remote areas, he will address his congregation with a request to help them,» explains Uminsky.

So if you want to give charity one must first ask, where is the temple or monastery, and ask to show the documents with the blessing of the Bishop to collect the money. And then, suggest the priests, it is best to take the Bank account details of the temple or monastery, where you can transfer a donation. Such accounts have almost every temple. If the collectors refuse to provide details, that is cheating and not pleasing to God.

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