All five of distressed homes in Penza will pass on to new developers

© RIA Novosti . Gregory to Sysoeva in fotobanka Penza. Archival photoAll five of distressed homes in Penza will pass on to new developers© RIA Novosti . Gregory to Sysoeva the image Bank

For each of the five troubled apartment buildings in Penza formed road map and developed the algorithm of actions for the transfer of these facilities to new developers, reported the press service of the regional Governor.

«At the same time the Executive power of the region and of the city of Penza takes on not only organizational functions but also offers payment options to new developers for their costs associated with the completion of construction. We are talking about the provision of land and the provision of engineering infrastructure,» — said in the message.

Governor Ivan Belozertsev, who on Thursday paid a working out at all distressed home under construction in Penza, said that the decision on each object will be found.

«The law doesn’t oblige us to finish the problem at home private construction companies, to allocate budgetary funds for these purposes. But the participants of shared construction is our people, their problems need to be addressed. And Russian President today puts such a task… People in trouble will not leave, the houses will complete the construction», — quotes the words Belozertseva his press service.

According to the press service, the house in district No. 4, «Environment» residential district «Sosnovka» the Builder of JSC «decor-trade» will complete SKM Groups «Territory of life», and four unfinished company Penzastroy will complete the company «Thermo», «Riviera», «Risan» and Penzgorstroyzakazchik. «An agreement in principle with the heads of the above construction companies achieved», — stated in the message.

The Governor has disposed to create working groups to address the current problems with the completion of these facilities, which at the municipal level will be collected every three days, and on regional — weekly. Belozertsev explained that the situation with unfinished objects stems from the fact that in 2015, after the introduction of economic sanctions has fallen sharply the demand for housing. According to him, the authorities for this period managed to build a number of houses, prevent the emergence of more than 2 thousand defrauded investors.