Almost one in five Russians resorted to homeopathy, the survey showed

© Fotolia / Patricia ChumillasГомеопатические funds. Archival photoAlmost one in five Russians resorted to homeopathy, the survey showed© Fotolia / Patricia Chumillas

Almost every fifth Russian has used homeopathic remedies, however, even among used homeopathy respondents not all trust this method, the survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

Informed the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research has recognized homeopathy pseudoscience, this is stated in the Memorandum prepared by the Commission. The MoH is recommended to withdraw homeopathic remedies from the medical consumption in public educational institutions not to include homeopathy in the standards of medical care. In turn, Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova was instructed to form a working group to develop proposals for the further regulation of homeopathy in Russia.

According to the survey, most Russians (74%) know what a homeopathic method of treatment, more than half of Russians (58%) heard something about homeopathy, not familiar with her a quarter of respondents (25%). The survey showed that more than half of Russians (54%) have never used homeopathic remedies, used them on themselves or family members 19% of respondents.

As reported by VTSIOM, a quarter of those who know about homeopathy (25%) expressed confidence in these methods of treatment (5% trust completely), don’t trust – 59%. Of those who personally used homeopathy for her trust 62% and 37% do not trust.

Answering the question of what contributes to the distrust of homeopathy, the respondents cited lack of awareness of this method (14%) and lack of effectiveness (9%), 5% of respondents called homeopathy quackery, 8% explained that trust classical medicine.

The opinion poll was conducted October 2-6 on the phone among 1800 respondents aged 18 years.