American stock exchanges closed mostly in the red

© AP Photo / Richard DrewФинансовый specialist stock exchange during operation. Archival photoAmerican stock exchanges closed mostly in the red© AP Photo / Richard Drew

Major U.S. stock indexes on Wednesday have not demonstrated a single dynamics on the eve of thanksgiving in the United States, according to the auction.

Industrial index Dow Jones has decreased on 0,27% — to 23526,18 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 by 0.08% to 2597,08 points, the index of high-tech companies NASDAQ has raised on 0,07%, to 6867,36 points.

On Thursday, America celebrated thanksgiving, the second most important national holiday after Christmas. On Thursday, U.S. markets will be closed, and on Friday the auction will end earlier than usual — at 21.00 GMT.

Investors turned their attention to the minutes of the November meeting of the Federal reserve system (FRS), in which the Governor gave a more General review following the meeting. According to the Protocol, some participants were in favour of raising the key rate of the regulator «in the near future.» However, several people expressed the view that the link between the situation on the labor market in the United States and inflation has weakened. Previously, the regulator stated that his main reference on the issue of raising rates is the inflation rate in the country, and its pace is lagging behind the fed’s expectations.

In addition, the majority of participants spoke in defense of «gradual pace» of interest rate increase.

«Trade volume today is really low, which is not surprising based on the output tomorrow», — said the Agency MarketWatch senior analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group in Pittsburgh Kim Forrest (Forrest, Kim).