Called unexpected danger mouthwash

© Flickr / Rupert Taylor-Rgcaudio. Archival photoCalled unexpected danger mouthwash© Flickr / Rupert Taylor-Price

Rinse the mouth can destroy the beneficial bacteria, preventing the development of obesity and diabetes. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Puerto Rico. Press release published on the website Science Direct.

Specialists conducted an experiment in which we investigated the history of 1206 people aged 40 to 65 years, overweight and with a high risk of developing diabetes. As a result, the percentage of diabetes was increased to 20 among those who used the mouthwash for oral cavity once a day, and 30 — when you use antibacterial liquid morning and evening.

As the authors of the study, most mouthwashes are not «selective», so I kill and useful for the human body bacteria, for example, produces the nitric oxide involved in the metabolic processes and regulating blood sugar levels.

Previously, researchers of the Flemish Institute of biotechnology called sugar the cause of developing an aggressive type of cancer.