Forbes has made a rating of the new Directors with major shareholdings

© Fotolia / undreyМужчина working at a computer. archival photoForbes has made a rating of the new Directors with major shareholdings© Fotolia / undrey

Forbes has made a rating of the new Directors with the largest stakes in the companies they lead, the first three places were awarded to the chief Executive officer of EuroChem Dmitry Strezhnev, General Director of «Gazprom oil» Alexander Dyukov as the former head of «SIBUR» and also the CEO of USM Management Ivan Streshinsky, said the journal on Thursday.

As notes the edition, 20 participants rating the evaluation of the shareholdings in the companies they manage, varies from 7.4 million to 675 million dollars. In sum, their packages are worth $ 3.4 billion. The packages were evaluated on quotations at the close of the exchange on October 10. This list includes not only current but also former CEOs who continue to work in boards of Directors and packages which do not exceed 10% of the share capital of companies.

Owned by the leader of the rating Streshnevo 10% of the shares of EuroChem Forbes estimated at 675 million dollars, the second place of the Dukes (3,95% of the stock of «SIBUR» is estimated at $ 550 million), the third — Streshinsky (3% of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov, estimated at 520 million dollars).

«Billionaire Leonid Mikhelson has proven to be one of the most generous, the current Chairman of the Board of his company «SIBUR» Dmitry Konov occupies the fourth place ranking with a package of 485 million dollars. Its predecessor the Dukes today works as the Director of the state «Gazprom oil», but its stake in the company worth far less than his stake in SIBUR, is only about one million dollars,» Forbes notes.

In the list, only three representatives of the public sector. This is the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin (0,13% of the shares, a 73.9 million, 9th place), the General Director of «KAMAZ» Sergey Kogogin (7,06% of the shares of $ 45.6 million, 11th place) and the former head, a member of the Board of Directors of JSC «Rostelecom» Sergey Kalugin (0,5% of the shares, $ 14.4 million, 18-e a place). «Sechin is not increasing its share in «Rosneft» the last three and a half years. In August of 2013 and in March 2014 he bought shares totaling more than $ 90 million. Since then the price of the package in dollars declined by 18%», — writes the edition.

A number of major managers not in the top twenty. «The head of the largest Russian company «Gazprom» Alexey Miller last acquired the shares in January 2009, when its share rose to 0,00095828%, today it is estimated at 484 thousand dollars. The package of the head of Sberbank German Gref expensive — $ 2.1 million, but the size has not changed since Dec 2011. The percentage of President — Chairman of Board of Bank VTB Andrey Kostin the Bank remains unchanged since 25 Sep 2009… On October 10, owned by Costin 0,00183% of the ordinary shares of VTB was worth about 250 thousand dollars,» notes Forbes.