Golodets: Russia will spare no effort for the development of relations with the Czech Republic

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate in fotomonster President of the government of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets. Archival photoGolodets: Russia will spare no effort for the development of relations with the Czech Republic© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate the image Bank

Russia is ready to discuss further cooperation with the Czech Republic on the exchange of creative groups, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the opening of the exhibition «treasures of Prague Castle» at the State historical Museum in Moscow on Thursday, adding that Russia will spare no effort for the development of relations between the two countries at all levels.

The exhibition is a response to the exhibition of the treasures of the Moscow Kremlin, held five years ago in Prague Castle. Within the framework of continuing productive cooperation and cultural exchange the Museum of the Czech Republic presented for exhibition in Moscow 130 items of fine and decorative art.

«For us this exhibition is a huge expression of friendship and gratitude, the relationship between our peoples and we will make all efforts for their development at all levels, and I hope that through this exhibition our cultural relations will be developed, we are ready to discuss further cooperation on the exchange of our teams, I know we have a lot of orchestral, theatre and ballet companies cooperate with each other. And we will make every effort to make these connections is growing,» — said Deputy Prime Minister at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on Thursday.

The President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman also said that Russia and the Czech Republic connects the history together. «And the example of our Christianity, which is thus the connecting link, we can say that this story is now continued, and my visit to the Russian Federation — the continuing story of cooperation, friendship and understanding of each other,» he said.

Prague Castle — the symbol of Prague and the Czech Republic. According to the organizers of the event, according to the riches of art, architecture and applied art, Prague Castle is one of the leading museums of the world. In addition, it is the center of ecclesiastical and secular power, which is annually visited by over 7.5 million tourists.

The exposition covers all aspects of life in Prague castle: the political, spiritual, administrative and household collection, evolved from X to XX century, and includes memorials of various genres and styles.

At the exhibition you can see the crown, scepter and Orb of Czech kings, their portrait sculptures, tympana of Roman basilicas, precious caskets, furniture, dishes, Meissen porcelain, tapestries with the love story of Antony and Cleopatra, portrait of the Empress Maria Theresa and eleven children and two paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky.