In Argentina reported a «sonar anomaly» after the loss of the submarine

© AP Photo / Argentina NavyПодводная boat San Juan Navy of Argentina. Archival photoIn Argentina reported a «sonar anomaly» after the loss of the submarine© AP Photo / Argentina Navy

«Acoustic anomaly» recorded near the scene of the loss of the submarine «San Juan», reports Nacion, referring to the representative of the Navy of the country Enrique Balbi.

According to him, the noise that took over «acoustic anomaly», detected approximately 48 kilometers (30 miles) from where the submarine «San Juan» last contacted on Wednesday last week.

The military added that at this place sent naval vessels to determine whether the anomaly of the missing submarine.

To the question, could the noise be associated with a possible explosion, Balbi said that «will not make guesses,» and that «the anomaly need to be explored».

«We will not let this matter slide. We have a critical situation that every hour will only get worse», — said the representative of the Argentine Navy.

The submarine «San Juan» has ceased to leave on communication 15 Nov. She followed from the port of Ushuaia in the city of Mar del Plata. On Board were 44 crew members, the submarine had enough oxygen for six days in offline mode.