In Moscow will take place presentation of the book «Anatoly Efros. The living corpse»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Makeupdate in photobacteria Director EfrosIn Moscow will take place presentation of the book «Anatoly Efros. The living corpse»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Makeovered the image Bank

Presentation of the book «Anatoly Efros. Living corpse» will be held in the «boyar’s chambers» of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia (STD RF) on Thursday, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the Russian Federation STD.

Publication based on records of rehearsals of the play «the Living corpse», delivered outstanding Director Anatoly Efros on the stage of the Moscow art theater in 1982. At the book’s presentation will be made by the actor Alexander Kalyagin and the artist, now a famous film Director Dmitry Krymov is the son of Anatoly Efros. Presenter — doctor of art criticism Alexey Bartashevich.

«Anatoly Efros. Living dead» — this two-volume book, which gives the opportunity to trace the history of performances — from the birth plan to the last pre-runs.

«When you read this book — I hear the living voice of the Pope, I know his voice, recognize him. This is a real textbook on directing, by design, in the manner of a rehearsal. This is his analysis of the profession and a huge man of Leo Tolstoy», — told RIA Novosti Krymov.

According to the artist, «the Living corpse» is the last performance to be reflected in such detail. Already released detailed descriptions of the rehearsals such plays as «the Seagull», «Three sisters», «Tartuffe», «a month in the country».

«This work dad built when I was a hard time in the Malaya Bronnaya theatre where he worked. And he was invited to the Moscow art theatre, where he staged two performances of «Tartuffe» and «the Living corpse». In contrast to the brilliant Comedy of Moliere, the result is «the Living corpse» was more complex. Here, he made a very bold decision,» — said Krymov.