In Russia increased the volume of grant support in the sphere of culture

© Photo : courtesy of the theatre «Helikon-Opera»the facade of the theater Helikon-Opera. Archive photoIn Russia increased the volume of grant support in the sphere of culture© Photo : courtesy of the theatre «Helikon-Opera»

Russian President Vladimir Putin increased the total amount of grant support in the field of culture, from 5.3 to 8 billion in 2018, support will be provided, in particular, the theatre «Satyricon» Konstantin Raikin, the Theatre of Nations and the Helikon-Opera, follows from the decree published on the portal of legal information.

According to the document, the total size of allocations from the Federal budget for the payment of presidential grants starting in 2018 is set at $ 8,041 billion. Last year it amounted to 5.3 billion rubles.

Federal support will be provided to the Moscow art academic theatre named after Maxim Gorky, the State theatre of Nations, theatre «Satirikon» named after Arkady Raikin, Academy of fine arts and watercolors Andriaka, the State academic folk ensemble «Russia» Zykina name, the Moscow musical theater «Helikon-Opera», the Omsk Philharmonic hall, Pushkin theatrical centre in St.-Petersburg.

Previously the art Director «the Satyricon» Konstantin Raikin in a video published by TV channel «Rain» said that a series of checks in France is the «revenge» of the head of the Ministry of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, for his remarks at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures. Then Raikin gave a speech about the «aggressive assaults on artistic expression and the censorship of the crowd,» sparking hot debate among colleagues. Medinsky has denied accusations Raikin and expressed the opinion that for imaginary arguments about censorship rooted in a completely different pitfalls. Supported the Minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that censorship in the country.

The Deputy head of the Ministry of culture Alexander Zhuravsky, commenting on the video Raikin, reported that the audits office revealed serious violations and conflicts of interest in the Moscow theater «Satyricon». He explained that the Ministry of culture carried out two inspections of the «Satyricon», which is the desire to understand complex economic and financial situation «in one of the leading Federal theaters in the country», as well as how fair the resonant media reports about the presence of a conflict of interest in its management.