In the «GLONASS» predicted the number of unmanned vehicles in the world by 2020

© Photo : Unmanned Jaguar electric car Jaguar Type Concept Future. Archive photoIn the «GLONASS» predicted the number of unmanned vehicles in the world by 2020© Photo : Jaguar

The number of unmanned vehicles in the world by 2020 will exceed 150 million units, the head of research projects of NP «GLONASS» Tatyana Ledovskaya.

On the forum of the «Connected Car Summit 2017» in Moscow was presented a road map «Autonet 2.0». Currently, NP «GLONASS» is an infrastructure center working group of the National technology initiative «Avtonet». This group initiates proposals to improve legislation to reduce existing administrative barriers to bringing to market advanced technologies, products and services, and to streamline the introduction of digital services.

The draft roadmap contains more than 90 proposals had been approved by the ministries and departments, a draft order submitted to the government.

«By 2020, the number of unmanned vehicles will be more than 150 million units worldwide, and one Autonomous transport will produce over its period of operation more than 4 thousand gigabytes of data, which is comparable with mobile data traffic more than 333 of smartphones,» — said Ledovskaya RIA Novosti.

The company was reminded that a number of States have already announced that in the foreseeable future will be a ban on the sale of vehicles with petrol engines.

«However, today’s mass popularization of electric vehicles does not guarantee its widespread implementation by 2040, even with save state support. It only emphasizes that the motor is not a panacea for environmental pollution, as for the production of electricity requires not less natural resources than the production of oil or gas», — is spoken in the message.

«Despite the fact that after 8 years, many countries will start to switch to using electric cars, by 2040, only half of the cars sold will be the engine with the possibility of charging», notes Ledovskaya.