In the Irkutsk region the bear stole the hunter’s gun and disappeared into the woods

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobunny bear. Archival photoIn the Irkutsk region the bear stole the hunter’s gun and disappeared into the woods© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Bear in the forests of the Irkutsk region had stolen from the hunter’s two guns, for it a man can lose the right to purchase, possession and carrying of weapons, the press service GU MVD in the region.

According to the press service, the 57-year-old resident of Ust-Ilimsk district of taiga wintering was kidnapped two of the rifle «Vepr» and «IZH». From the victim, the police learned that came to the forest, he headed for the water, and when returning heard a noise and saw a cabin silhouette of a bear. To avoid encounters with wild animals, unarmed hunter for a few hours hiding in the woods. Returning to the overnight place, he could not find the bag which contained the gun. For several days the man was trying to find the missing property. One shotgun with a damaged butt he found in the forest. However, the second disappeared without a trace. Who arrived at the scene, police also could not find the weapon.

«For violation of rules of storage, resulting in the loss of weapons, in respect of the owner initiated the administrative proceedings on part 4 of article 20.8 of the administrative code, which provides for the deprivation of the right to acquire, keep and bear weapons for a term of one year and imposition of penalties», — said the press service.