Scientists have recognized moderate coffee drinking good for health

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Ingestion of even relatively large quantities of coffee has beneficial effects on human health, lowering the likelihood of developing cancer and heart disease and blood vessels by about 18-20%, say British scientists in an article published in the journal BMJ.

«Whether coffee helps the body fight chronic diseases and reduces the chances of premature death, we don’t know yet. You need to understand that the consumption of coffee includes not only the beverage itself, but also a lot of social and cultural components. For example, love coffee smokers. On the other hand, even with all these reservations, it is recognized that moderate doses of coffee is not harmful to human health», — commented on the opening of Eliseo Guallar (Eliseo Guallar) from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA).

In recent years, scientists have begun to study how various everyday foods, including coffee, affect the health of the person and work of his body. For example, biologists long enough believed that drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages can negatively affect the heart in people with arrhythmia, however, long-term monitoring of the health of several thousand «cores» have shown that it is not.

On the other hand, the question of the existence of positive effects from drinking coffee is still the subject of debate among scientists. In recent years many groups of researchers found that drinking more than three cups of coffee a day significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks and other diseases, and other scientific groups, on the contrary, say that there is no such connection.

Robin Poole (Robin Poole) from the University of Southampton (UK) and his colleagues tried to find the answer to this question by analyzing the huge mass of scientific publications on the use and harm of coffee, which appeared in print in the last few years.

In total they managed to find and explore the insights of over two hundred papers, describing the results of observations of life coffee lovers, and takes into account all possible side factors. They were attended by several hundred thousand people from all over the world with different addictions, diet, culture of coffee drinking and levels of income.

After analyzing these studies, British scientists have created a «rating» of diseases, the likelihood of which grew or fell by drinking large quantities of coffee, and tried to understand whether this drink has more pluses or minuses.

As shown by these calculations, a moderate consumption of coffee, about 3-4 cups a day was associated with a greater degree of positive effects than negative. For example, coffee reduced the likelihood of development of disease and of liver cancer by about 40-60% and reduced the chance of dying from coronary heart disease and stroke by 18% and 30%.

The only distinct negative effects of drinking coffee was just for the fairer sex – a love for coffee increased the risk of premature birth and miscarriage, and was also associated with increased bone fragility in elderly ladies. Why researchers recommend women not to drink coffee during pregnancy and to refuse it in cases when their bones lose strength.