Sechin did not come to court but sent a letter

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The head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin, the third time was not come for interrogation on the case of former Minister of economic development Alexei speaker, but this time advised the court about the reason for absence, citing the employment.

Meanwhile, the process is already moving towards completion: in addition to additions from the prosecution have only to interrogate Sechin and the speaker. In court increasingly, there is talk about disclosure of his written testimony given at the investigation stage.

Thus, the proceedings could be completed without the interrogation of the main witness for the prosecution. This is all the more strange that a confrontation between Sechin and Ulyukaev at the stage of investigation.

Gain employment

In the beginning, the judge Larisa Semenova said that Sechin’s lawyer sent the court a letter and said that his principal did not appear in court for a good reason.

«In connection with the strategic objectives that the country’s leadership puts the company «Rosneft» to the end of the year there has been increasing tension work schedule and travel,» announced the judge a letter.

In it the lawyer also recalls previously given testimony in the case. «Sechin gave evidence at the inquest, supports them and has no objection to their publication,» he writes.

Still unknown, did the judge a justifiable reason, but repeated the summons sent.

The law provides for such grounds for the announcement of the affidavit as death or serious illness of the witness, moving to another country, inability to establish his whereabouts, and natural disaster.

«We are here through this witness»

Lawyer Timothy Gridnev intends to oppose the announcement of the affidavit. «The law provides an exhaustive list of reasons for the announcement of the affidavit. The reasons identified by counsel Sechin, there is no» — said Gridnev.

He will insist on questioning in court. «The confrontation between Sechin and Ulyukaev and was not» — said the lawyer.

Gridnev said that in the case there are two main evidence: questioning Sechin and speaker. The court urges speaker to he quickly gave evidence, although he was planning on questioning only after listening to the testimony Sechin.

«Thanks to him, delayed the process, but it has no sanctions, and us you are impatient. We are here due to this witness. Why should we make concessions of their rights?» said Gridnev.

Lawyer Larisa Kashtanova added that at the next meeting, Ulyukayev will probably have to testify.


In addition to Sechin testimony of the prosecution’s case is based on expert opinion, which, after listening to the recording with their Ulyukaev talks, came to the conclusion that we are talking about a bribe. Directly, none of the participants in the dialogue of the word does not say — they are discussing «the job» and «basket».

Investigators ordered psycho-linguistic analysis of audio recordings in South expert center in Volgograd. The defense ordered a review of this examination, a specialist from the Academy named after Kutafin Elena Galassini.

She analyzed the speech and said the lack of signs of awareness of the speaker about the presence in the bag is $ 2 million. «There are significant violations. No lexical means to indicate that the speaker knew that in a bag of 2 million dollars bribe in the examination there,» — said the expert.

«Word «assignment» is used. It is obvious that it is received Sechin, but don’t know from whom. He says: «you Can consider the job done.» It is not a definitive judgment, but an indication that the communicant offers another communicant to think so. So it’s actually still not done,» explained Galaxina.

According to her, the experts have not used the program, allowing to clear the audio file from extraneous noise. «Used everyday software that is included in the standard Windows package is not a specialized» she said.

Galaxina found in the examination of a variety of disorders. According to her, the experts conducted a psycho-linguistic study on the file, not checking for the existence of the installation, left outside the scope, not reflecting the features of the intonation of oral speech, ignored the communicative, situational and historical context.

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