The court adjourned to 10 January the bankruptcy of the Bank «Ugra»

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in Photobacterium Bank Yugra in Moscow. archival photoThe court adjourned to 10 January the bankruptcy of the Bank «Ugra»© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The Moscow arbitration court postponed on January 10, consideration of the validity of the application of the Central Bank, requires to recognize the bankruptcy of the entrance to the revocation of the license in the top-30 in Russia, the Bank «Ugra», the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

As explained by judge Eugene Kravchenko, a meeting shall be adjournment, as the case materials are in the Ninth arbitration appeal court. The appellate court had previously appointed on December 11 consideration of the appeal complaint of the representative of the owners of «Ugra» Alexander Suchkov on the definition of the arbitration court of Moscow, which was filed in the bankruptcy case.

Statement of the Central Bank on recognizing the Bank’s bankruptcy was brought in the arbitration on 7 August. Insurance case with the «Yugra», which the regulator from July 28, revoked the license, was the largest for the period of clearing of the Russian banking system. DIA has estimated the total amount of payouts to insured depositors of «Ugra» in 169,2 billion.

Central Bank as the main reasons for revocation of the license called project financing beneficiaries «Ugra» at the expense of attracted funds of natural persons (the share of such loans amounted to around 90%), lack of adequate reserves, the repeated use of Supervisory measures and the violation of the Bank imposed on it constraints. CB reported that the «hole» in the capital of Ugra, i.e. the difference between assets and liabilities of the Bank, as of 8 September was 86, 1 billion.

At the same time representatives of the former owners of «Ugra» has previously stated that the regulator was absent, unconditional grounds for the revocation of the license, namely, there was no decline in all standards of sufficiency of own means and size of the Bank’s capital below the minimum value, that is below 30 billion rubles. According to the former owners, complete loss of the Bank’s capital due to changes in the data of accounting on the basis of administrative acts of the interim administration.

The arbitration of Moscow on 10 October rejected a statement by the owners of the «Ugra», demanding to recognise illegal the orders of the Central Bank of 7 July on the appointment of the interim administration and the moratorium on payments to creditors, the decision has not yet entered into force. The court is also of the statement «Yugra» with the requirement to cancel the order of the Central Bank about revocation of license.

The court adjourned to 10 January the bankruptcy of the Bank «Ugra»Reviews of licenses of banks of Russia