The first «Snowman» lumpy: what’s wrong with detective Jo nesbø

© Provided by Universal Pictures InternationalКадр from the film the SnowmanThe first «Snowman» lumpy: what’s wrong with detective Jo nesbø© courtesy of Universal Pictures International

While the book by Norwegian writer Jo nesbø hitting record sales worldwide, the Russian rolling out the film adaptation of his legendary novel «the Snowman». This is the seventh book of the series about detective Harry Hall and the first English-language film adaptation of the works of the famous Norwegian. The fans were expecting a gripping Thriller about the confrontation of an experienced detective and a serial killer who attacks women with the first snow and leaves a snowman as a brand name. But something went wrong. The film received a crushing low rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes, and scathing reviews from film critics. The RIA Novosti correspondent saw the film and found out why it did not save any iconic source, no known actors, or talented Director.

But it would be no problem — even without understanding the plot, it is interesting to look at the development and the characters. Alas, sacrificing psychological description of the characters, which took a major part in the book the big cities, the Director has turned them into templates. As a result of the heavy, emotionally unstable, but definitely uncommon and strong character Harry Hall Michael Fassbender was left to play only an alcoholic with a failed personal life. He coped adequately, but still not enough to pull myself the rest of the miscalculations of the film.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment awaits those who just wanted to watch a good detective. Just the classic «Nordic Noir» Thomas Alfredson failed. The suspense and tension does not work in the galloping rhythm of the film. The beauty of harsh Northern nature is lost when trying to understand the plot. There is only a snowman.