The Ministry urged not to escalate the situation around the «endangered» professions

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotobanka-promoter Promobot V. 2 communicates with the customer. Archival photoThe Ministry urged not to escalate the situation around the «endangered» professions© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

The Ministry urged not to escalate the situation around the «endangered» professions, such as a driver they can be retrained in a related field, said RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of labour and social protection Lyubov eltcova. In addition, according to Eltsova of Russia in great need «working hands».

«I believe that increasing the degree in the issue has an impact on the constructive atmosphere. We need to quiet mode to follow the one who goes into the labour market or prepare for it. It is important that parents focused the child – help career guidance, today it is very accessible, a lot of tests on the human propensity to one or another professional activity. And then building a career using various tools. We need to quiet mode to give this information to the window is a task of the state to see what kind of work, what requirements are, where to go to learn, to improve their skills. Thus, the government seeks cooperation with employers to inform the consumer,» said elcova.

She noted that the only change requirements for staff qualifications, to find work in the same area can even a representative of the profession in which competition will be cars. «For example, the driver. It is clear that it is now going development and implementation of unmanned vehicles. In a global sense there is a change in the demand for qualified workers. If a person has a basic ability to work with technology, then the introduction of unmanned vehicles can simply change its function – shouldn’t be a driver, he will be the operator of the vehicle will work in the system of service,» she said.

«Will the system of education and qualifications to be reconstructed so that people could plan their career, get more knowledge, either independently, or will the employer help. The state creates information resources where people can get information about changing requirements for the qualification of workers,» — said the Deputy Minister.

As an example, she cited the medical profession – its members today must possess very serious knowledge, including from the point of view of using information technologies. «So globally from the point of view of the profession as such «doctor» remained, but changed and increased the requirements for skills and abilities,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Eltsova, an integral part of the labour market is the system of education and it has opportunities to create the most comfortable conditions for transition from one activity to another.

Elcova also called professions required in the labor market now is «building trades, transportation, in the field of medicine requires professionals of course, there is a request for programmers».

«No need to worry that someone will remain unemployed. We have a great need of working hands and the one who is really looking for the application of their work, have identified some career – for him today a lot of opportunities for implementation,» she concluded.