This hostel is not for everyone: «Jews, thieves and traitors of Poland allowed»

© RIA Novosti / Philip Climatescience in fotomontagen with the Poland flagThis hostel is not for everyone: «Jews, thieves and traitors of Poland allowed»© RIA Novosti / Philip Climatescience the image Bank

Hostel Dom Polski Polish in Dolnoslaskie suddenly became famous all over the country: the proprietor hanged at the entrance of the announcement that it has no access from the Jews, thieves and traitors of Poland, according to Polish newspaper

Photo of a poster has caused controversy in social networks. According to the publication, he also hit on a Google map Street View.

The owner of the hostel Peter the Fisherman put a sign up in the spring. He ignores any requests to remove the poster. Fisherman – one of the leaders of the Wroclaw nationalists. As part of the demonstration against immigrants he burned the puppet, symbolizing the Jew.

First, it is condemned conditionally, but due to the fact that the nationalists continued to preach anti-Semitic slogans, he is currently serving a two month sentence.

The city authorities say that you can’t remove the poster, so as a hostel – private property.