Two residents of Vladimir award for saving four people on fire

© FotoliaВладимир winter. Archival photoTwo residents of Vladimir award for saving four people on fire© Fotolia

Two residents of Vladimir, who on Wednesday pulled out of the burning house three small children and an elderly woman, will be presented the award, told RIA Novosti the representative of the emergency management region.

Thursday morning, a resident of Vladimir Mikhail Morozov saw smoke in a nearby two-story fourplex wooden house №5 along the street Small Remenice. The man came closer and saw in the window of the second floor a woman was screaming for help.

«Cries were heard passing Paul Conservatives. One side of the house and the roof was burning open fire. Men rushed into the house, woke the residents and immediately began to evacuate them», — stated in the message MES.

According to rescuers, the smoke spread through the residential areas and the stairwell in seconds, and the fire blocked the emergency exit. Several families managed to get in not covered by the smoke and fire of the room.

«On the second floor had four kids with her mother and an elderly woman on the first floor which yourself to leave the house could not. Pulling the blanket men rescued two still very young children, the other two with her mother escaped with the help of a ladder, which brought residents of the neighboring home. Then, without wasting a second, Paul and Ivan went to rescue an elderly woman», — rescuers report.

Breaking the glass and breaking the frame on the ground floor, frost got in the apartment, which was almost all filled with smoke. The man hoisted the woman on the window sill and outside to get her helped the old believers. Three minutes after reports of the fire about 6.20 GMT, on a scene there arrived firefighters. For their arrival part of the building and the roof was covered by an open fire.

Firefighters managed to localize the fire and to allow fire to reach the other apartments. Soon the fire was extinguished. According to emergency management, burnt down the roof structure, the property and the interior of the second floor in the area of 200 square meters. The causes of the fire are established. Rescued residents sheltered residents of the neighboring home. In a fire nobody has suffered.

«All in the house were nine people. The men woke the residents, and directly saved three children and an elderly woman,» — said the representative of the MOE. On the question of RIA Novosti, will the rescuers to apply the idea of Morozov and Staroverova to the award, the spokesman replied: «of Course. There is a few rewards — either «For the salvation of perishing» or «For bravery on fire». This is how to solve the problem.»