Books for December: stories about the revolution and mukarovsky winner Paul Beatty

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Caustic satire of last year’s Booker prize Paul Beatty «selling thing», the debut novel of young author Emma Cline’s «Girls», a kind of inspiration which was inspired by the story of the «family» maniac Charles Manson, nostalgic and funny Konstantin Semenov with the book «his name was evil», the story of the legend of Russian rock «Breadwinners. Space as a memorial» Alexander Kushnir and a collection of «Seventeen on the seventeenth» await readers in the literary novelties of December.

Selling thing

American Paul Beatty is unlikely to sign the Russian-speaking readers: on account of his two novels that have received moderately positive reviews in the foreign press, and the third, unexpectedly awarded the prestigious man Booker prize a year ago. This circumstance, in fact, became the reason for the appearance of «Corrupt creature» which has been published in publishing house «Eksmo». In the early stages of scathing satirical novel, making fun of American racial policy, neutrally called «Sellout», a literal translation of The original Sellout, but the translator Svetlana Chulkova chose a more sharp and exact name. The main character becomes black watermelon seller from the ghetto, where the father is a sociologist very peculiar ways brought up from childhood resistance to racial hatred. Once on the judicial bench for suspicion of the revival of slavery, he begins to remember what circumstances brought him to this point of life. According to the jury, handing Bayti literary award, the author was able to immerse very clever satire «in the heart of modern American society,» to make the novel is equally funny and painful.


Young writer Emma Cline was a real literary event of last year: her novel «Girls» is not recognized brilliant just lazy, but this is her first writing experience. Between the lines bright debut guessed scandalous and frightening story of the sect of Charles Manson, his «family», made in 1969, the brutal attack on the inhabitants of one of the richest houses in the Hollywood hills. In a merciless massacre killed pregnant wife of Director Roman Polanski, the young actress Sharon Tate. Manson himself later convicted for life, lived to be 83 years and died just a few days ago. According to the author, she was always interested in extreme manifestations of human nature, which, in part, on a novel written in one go in just three months. In the center of the story is 14-year-old Evie Boyd, which falls into a commune with other girls, not like all the rest of the inhabitants of California. As an adult, she looks back on this experience, trying to understand how it influenced the rest of her life. The novel, the translation of which is carried out Anastasia Zavazava, published by the «Phantom Press».

His name was evil

The other debut of the month belongs to Peru Petersburg writer Konstantin Semenov: it is lightweight and very nostalgic novel, «his name was evil» takes the reader deep into the memories of the author. On the pages of the book emerge carefree childhood in the village with a funny name Borisova Griva, unsuccessful attempts of parents to make the boy a great musician and many other touching and hilarious moments of his life. Semenov distinguished by a surprisingly light view of the world, in ironic form, it says that any other person simply would take of itself – in its description even chatty Builder-drinker, who for months is unable to complete the work on the plot turns into almost a folk hero. The publication of the novel by the independent publisher «Plunge».

Seventeen on the seventeenth

Russian culture in the centenary year of the revolution continues in various forms to remember the tragic events of that time: the revolution can be seen in pictures and documents in numerous exhibitions, with the heroes of the past offer to watch in movies and serials, and now modern Russian authors decided to show the world your view of the past. A collection of stories «Seventeen on the seventeenth» brings together the works of Viktor Pelevin, Herman Sadulayeva, Olga Breininger, Yuri Bugy, Olga Slavnikova and other writers who are trying to understand the significance of this historical moment and to draw their own Oct. The book is published by publishing house «Eksmo».

Breadwinners. Space as memory

Moscow journalist Alexander Kushnir, who at various times worked with the group «Mumiy Troll», «Night snipers» and others, willingly shares his rich experience with the music industry on the pages of books. He is the author of the collections «the Golden underground» and «Headliners», dedicated to the legends of Russian rock; in the new documentary novel, «the Breadwinners. Space as a memorial», published in publishing house «RIPOL classic», Kushnir tells about the life and work of the author of most of the hits, «said the captain of Pompilius» Ilya Kormiltsev, who died in 2007. In one book Kushnir has collected hundreds of rare pictures, exclusive interviews with those who knew the poet, as well as interesting facts from his biography. The author himself was for many years familiar with Kormiltseva repeatedly interviewed him and collaborated in various projects. The story of Kormiltseva continues the study of the fate of the underrated geniuses of the domestic underground.