German social Democrats are ready to negotiate on the ruling coalition

© AFP 2017 / Christof StacheПосетители in the building of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany. Archival photoGerman social Democrats are ready to negotiate on the ruling coalition© 2017 AFP / Christof Stache

The social democratic party of Germany expressed willingness to negotiate to end a government crisis in Germany, which began after the failure of the preliminary talks about forming a governing coalition, told the tabloid Bild, with reference to the SPD Secretary-General Hubertus Haylya.

«The SPD is firmly convinced that it is necessary to negotiate. The SPD will not withdraw from these negotiations,» said Heil.

According to Haylya, now the SPD is looking forward to meeting the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier with the chairmen of the factions of the Bundestag next week and further action that will offer Steinmeier.

Earlier, the President of Germany has called on all parties to show political responsibility and to agree on forming a government following the elections on 24 September. To this end, Steinmeier holds this week meeting with party leaders, which theoretically can enter the next room. If agreements are not reached, Germany are waiting for new elections or the formation of a minority government. A number of political leaders, including the representative of the largest fraction of the Bundestag, the CDU/CSU and the current Chancellor Angela Merkel, has opposed such a configuration of the new government. Steinmeier said that he was going to meet with the presidents of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, as well as with the head of the constitutional court and experts in constitutional law.

In the night of Monday the Free democratic party withdrew from a multi-week talks on forming a parliamentary coalition with the CDU/CSU Merkel and «Green» (coalition «Jamaica»). «Jamaica» in case of success of negotiations would have 393 of 709 seats in the Bundestag (55%), but after the liberals remaining participants in the negotiations have only 44% of the seats without getting a majority. The SPD had previously ruled out the possibility of their participation in a «Grand coalition» with the CDU/CSU is another option, which would create a majority government (399 seats, or 56%).