In Beijing check the kindergarten after the incident with the cruel treatment of children

© Fotolia / SeanPavonePhotoГород Beijing. Archival photoIn Beijing check the kindergarten after the incident with the cruel treatment of children© Fotolia / SeanPavonePhoto

Municipal education Committee of Beijing instructed to conduct a massive inspection in the kindergartens of the city after the incident with the abuse of children in one of the institutions of preschool education of the capital, the statements of the Committee.

The scandal erupted on 22 November, after the parents of pupils of a kindergarten went to the police with accusations against educators in the abuse of children and that the children were injected and allowed to drink drugs of unknown origin.

According to local media, according to parents, they found the children shots. In addition, the stories of the children themselves, the teacher every day after lunch, gave them to drink two white sweet pills, after which they fell asleep.

Law enforcement agencies began to check information. Currently, the kindergarten teachers suspended from work and contribute to the investigation.

The administration of the kindergarten issued a statement in which he apologized and assured that he gave the police all of the required materials from surveillance cameras.

To business on Thursday joined the Ministry of education of the country, instructing local bodies to immediately start an investigation.

On Friday morning, municipal health Committee announced that it began testing in kindergartens in all districts of the city.