In Finland the campaign «kids to work»

© Fotolia / Dean Drobot Father playing with his son. Archival photoIn Finland the campaign «kids to work»© Fotolia / Dean Drobot

Special offer «kids to work», showing children what they do and where their parents, as well as enabling employers to meet employees ‘ children, runs across Finland on Friday, according to the event website.

In the action take part more than 600 companies and organizations from both the private and the public sector. Among them, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Ministry of justice, Ministry of health, municipalities of Helsinki, Tampere and Vaasa, trading company of Stockmann, the largest banking group in the region, Nordea, Association of taxi, construction companies, bars, restaurants, hospitals, churches, and hundreds of other organizations.

«The purpose of the event — not to force children to work and show them how their parents spend their days. The presence of a child at work does not have to be long. Children can come for a short period, a tour. The employer has the discretion to make a presentation or a master class on the scope of its activities», — stated in the event description.

Specifies that the action takes place in the country for the second time and timed to the Week of children’s rights.

The organizers of the action became the Ombudsman for children Finland, the Central Union for child welfare, the Ministry of employment and economy of Finland.