In Krasnoyarsk the child died in a fire, alone at home

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in foobarcontroller MOE. Archival photoIn Krasnoyarsk the child died in a fire, alone at home© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka the image Bank

A four year old boy died during a fire in an apartment in Krasnoyarsk, when he was home alone and may have played with matches, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the region GSSC Olga Degidi.

According to SK, incident has occurred on Thursday evening.

«At this time, the adult members of the family were at work, the house was their four year old son, who may have played with matches. When extinguishing apartment, firefighters found the body of a child with signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. To determine the cause of death is appointed is judicial-medical examination. Currently performed inspection of the scene: in the apartment found the partially burned wooden matches, boxes of matches, lighter,» said the Degidi.

Currently on the given fact criminal case on causing death by negligence.