In Prague will consider the issue of extradition of the Russian Nikulin in USA

© RIA Novostiukraine Nikulin. Archival photoIn Prague will consider the issue of extradition of the Russian Nikulin in USA© RIA Novosti

The appeal of the accused in the cybercrime of Russian Evgeny Nikulin on the decision of the Prague’s city court about the possibility of his extradition to the US will be discussed on Friday at session of the Supreme court in Prague.

Czech police in cooperation with FBI have arrested Nikulin in Prague on 5 October 2016. He is accused by the American judicial authorities in illegally obtaining access data from LinkedIn social network and the servers of companies Dropbox and Formspring. A warrant for the arrest Nikulin was issued on 10 November 2016 Koptevskiy district court of Moscow on charges of theft 3450 dollars via electronic payment system Webmoney. The Czech Ministry of justice received 22 November, the requests for extradition Nikulina simultaneously from Moscow and Washington. In may of this year the Prague city court ruled that Nikulin might be extradited in the Russian Federation, and the United States. The defendant appealed the court’s decision in part on its possible extradition in the USA. Now this case will be considered by the Supreme court in Prague.

The Supreme court will start on Friday at 9.00 am and will be held in the open mode, since the extradition materials in recent years has been supplemented.

«It is impossible to foresee a solution which can take on Friday the Supreme court. Can be a variety of options. The case can be postponed to continue collecting new evidence. It can also be returned to the Prague city court. But it can be confirmed by the decision of the court on granting Nikulin in the USA», — told RIA Novosti on the eve of the court hearing, the lawyer of Russians of Martin Sadilek.

Under Czech law, the final decision to extradite the defendant in another country is taken by the Minister of justice.

According to the lawyer, earlier this week, defense Nikulin filed in the constitutional court of the Czech Republic complaints of violations during the arrest and Russians on its very content in prison. According to the defense, Nikulin illegally in detention because after his arrest was violated 48-hour period required for the court decision on his arrest. «The extension of the term was made possible through the abuse of medical institution for hospitalization Nikulina, which was not necessary,» said Sadilek.

The lawyer noted that the treatment Nikulin in Prague psychiatric hospital «Bohnice» there was a very inadequate way. «He was tied to the bed, and was under round the clock observation by cameras, as well as two police officers,» said Sadilek, citing available to protect detailed records on the condition of the Russians in the hospital.

Earlier, the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova said he believes the decision of the Prague city court on the admissibility of extradition to the US accused of cybercrimes of a citizen of Russia Evgeny Nikulin contrary to the General norms and principles of international law.