In Rostov will premiere the musical «Sherlock Holmes and the dancing men»

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in fotobanka Rozovsky. Archival photoIn Rostov will premiere the musical «Sherlock Holmes and the dancing men»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

World premiere of the musical «Sherlock Holmes and the dancing men», the Director and producer of which became the people’s artist of Russia mark Rozovsky, will be held at the Rostov music theatre on Friday, November 24, told reporters the artistic Director of the theatre Vyacheslav Kuschev.

«In the history of the theater, and we have been working for the 19th year and it’s 109 major premiere, we will present the world premiere of the musical genre, which, in our opinion, the most difficult Opera and operetta,» said he, adding that the play is very modern and dynamic.

An important emphasis in the staging is done on the visuals. «In the musical used the potential of the latest projection and lighting equipment: the visuals during the performance changes 180 times, light about 400 times,» said the Kuschev. In addition, as implied in the genre and the name of the play, all the action is permeated with original choreography set by Olga Church (Belarus).

According to Rozovsky, who was the author of the libretto, Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the most beloved writers in the world. In almost every story, he analyses the themes of hero and victim, good and evil. «It is very close to Russian culture… We’re all the time trying to discern what is sin and what is responsible for it,» he said.

«In the musical about dancing men we do not retell the story and comment on it, Express your attitude to the story… We want the viewer has had a spiritual experience in the discernment of what is allowed and what is not,» said Rozovsky. He noted that the music of the honored worker of arts of Russia Igor Levin really helps in this.

«Music in the performance is very energetic and rhythmic, different genres. There is a rock-n-roll, tango, Sambo, and Latin music, even choral and solo numbers,» said music Director Alexei Shakuro.