In the Kaliningrad zoo the baby giraffe born

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The baby giraffe was born in the Kaliningrad zoo, the female Willow and the male Measure, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the zoo Ekaterina Mikhailova.

«The birth on 14 November. The birth was fairly quick and lasted approximately two hours. The process was watched by veterinarians, the chief zoologist of zoo and zoologists of the section «Tropical animals and primates». The baby was born strong and after a short time alone stood on legs,» — said Mikhailov.

She explained that parents were IVA female born in 2002, which itself was born in the Kaliningrad zoo, and ten-year-old male Measure, who arrived in Kaliningrad from Berlin. According to Mikhailova, and now mother and baby feel good. Female gets high diet. Male moderation is transferred to a separate cage in a warm pavilion. In order to avoid a stressful situation for animals, the pavilion is temporarily closed.

«This is not the first attempt by Willow to become a mother. During her life, she gave birth several times. However, all the babies had congenital malformations. Perhaps as a result, Willow is very sensitive about the process of breastfeeding, in fact, refusing to feed infants,» — said the spokesman.

She added that two years the staff of Department of «Tropical animals and primates» held in the Willow medical training, whose main task was to teach the animal to calmly endure the touching of the udder.

The giraffe pregnancy lasts 14-15 months. They produce only a single young which weighs about 50 kilograms, his height is 1.8 meters. An hour later the baby firmly on his feet and in a few hours begins to run. Approximately half the offspring stays with the mother. In the wild, giraffes live up to 25 years in captivity is 35 years.