Mei urged Europe to be vigilant due to the «Russian threat»

© AP Photo / Virginia Mayo, PoolПремьер Minister Theresa may before the Eastern partnership summitMei urged Europe to be vigilant due to the «Russian threat»© AP Photo / Virginia Mayo, Pool

Prime Minister Theresa may has ranked Russia to hostile States, which should «closely monitor». She said this before the summit of «Eastern partnership».

According to Mae, Russia «threatens the potential growth of the Eastern region» and «seeks to destroy our collective strength.»

It is expected that at the summit, Prime Minister said about the need to resist «threats» from Russia and plans to spend 100 million pounds to combat «misinformation».According to President Vladimir Putin, soon everyone will understand that Russia does not pose threat to either Baltic or East European countries or countries of Western Europe.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that NATO knows about the lack of Moscow plans to attack anyone, but I am using this opportunity to place more equipment and military activities near the Russian border.Mei urged Europe to be vigilant due to the «Russian threat»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podwyzki came under the control of

«Eastern partnership» was created with the aim of rapprochement with the European Union’s six Eastern neighbors — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The initiative includes the strengthening of political interaction, broad integration of former Soviet republics into the EU economy and the increase in provide them with financial assistance. Participation in the program does not involve the prospect of EU membership.

The fifth summit of the partnership held in Brussels on 24 November.