Scientists have found a link between physical activity in childhood and the amount of gray matter

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Spanish scientists have found that aerobic physical activity in childhood stimulate the development of the brain. A study published in the journal Neuroimage.

According to the data obtained by scientists from the University of Granada, physical exercise cause changes in the structure of the brain, which directly affects academic achievement. Employees of the University found that sports increase the amount of gray matter in some areas of the cerebral cortex.

This study is part of a project ActiveBrains conducting clinical trials involving more than 100 children aged 8-11 years, suffering from obesity. This is the first scientific work that explores the relationship of physical activity and gray matter volume in children with excess body weight.

«Our work answers questions such as is the brain of children with good and poor physical preparation and how it affects their academic performance,» says Francisco B. Ortega.

Scientists have found that physical activity associated with exercise on the cardiovascular system, associated with a large volume of gray matter in the inferior frontal gyrus and superior temporal gyrus. These areas of the brain involved in reading and speech processes.

According to scientists, the obtained data should be taken into account in schools and other public institutions related to health.

«School is the only organization, which necessarily gather all the children at least 10 years, and therefore is the ideal environment for the application of such recommendations,» the researchers note.