Scientists Schwabe and China will develop industrial lasers

© Photo : press service of the holding «Schwabe»Scientists Schwabe and China will develop industrial lasersScientists Schwabe and China will develop industrial lasers© Photo : press service of the holding «Schwabe»

Scientific research Institute «Polyus» (research Institute «Polyus», a part of the holding «Schwabe») signed a cooperation agreement with Graciansky University of science and technology, including the design of pulsed disk lasers used in the automotive, machinery, aerospace and other industries, the press service of the Russian optoelectronic holding company shvabe.

Using this kind of lasers specialists can perform high-precision welding and cutting metals, and drilling and removing thin film from the surface of various materials.

«With scientists from China, we are cooperating in the field of laser technology since 2007. Cooperation with China in the development of new technologies, components and materials for the disk lasers will be a strong incentive for the development of laser industry worldwide,» — said General Director of Polyus research Institute Evgeny Kuznetsov.

The press service of the holding reported that currently, lasers for materials processing and demonstrate the highest dynamics of growth, both at the international and Russian markets. According Laser Markets Research, from 2008 to 2016, the global market for lasers grew from 6.57 to 10,408 billion. Last year, the share of lasers used in material processing, in the global market was 39%. The Russian laser market from 2008 to 2016 increased 6.13 times: from 213 million dollars to 1304,8 million dollars.

The greatest growth during this time showed lasers for materials processing. Last year, they accounted for 41% of the total market.