The crew of the SIRIUS program «flew» to the moon and prepares to descend to Earth

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotoannunci experiment on land modelling of flight to the moon SIRIUS-17. Archival photoThe crew of the SIRIUS program «flew» to the moon and prepares to descend to Earth© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The ground crew of the «spacecraft» 17-day experiment, SIRIUS for flight simulation to the moon «returned» to the Ground, and was preparing Friday to open the hatch, leave the module and go to the media, told RIA Novosti the representative of Institute mediko-biological problems (IMBP).

The program involves three men and three women: a member of the cosmonaut Anna Kikina, an employee of RSC «Energia» mark Serov, representative of Airbus Defence and Space’s Victor fetter, as well as employees IBMP Elena Luchitskaya, Natalia Lysova and Ilya Rukavishnikov. All participants will receive a remuneration to be determined is differentiated for everyone.

«The results of the experiment will be announced later, after a thorough analysis of the results. But we can already say that the first legendary the crew have shown themselves as a single coherent team,» — said the representative of the IBMP.

Flew to orbit the moon

In the course of the experiment was achieved «lunar orbit» and implemented the first virtual laps around the «Earth satellite». In the framework of the «detour» the crew learned to operate a virtual Rover. In addition, conducted an experiment at the request of NASA, during which through a virtual «window» of the station crew watched the surface of the moon, and chose the best point for «landing».

According to the representative of the Institute of biomedical problems, the crew had the technical capability to bring the surface of the «Earth satellite», simulating a scrutiny of the details of the terrain using the telephoto photographic equipment. Such a task is put in a real orbit around the moon on a space ship, so she worked out details on the Ground hardware and computer methods.

In the course of the flight specialists of the Institute had the opportunity to examine the roles and dynamics of leadership interaction in a confined space, biochemistry and immunity of the members of the crew.

Also tested was a new system of psychological support of the crew and the methods of allocating space in spaceships of the future to ensure a comfortable working capacity of the crew. In one of the research crew members held individual measurement of noise level in cabins. Based on the obtained data, the specialists will analyze the total noise of a «space ship».

Earlier, the head of medical and biological problems Oleg Orlov told RIA Novosti that in the framework of the SIRIUS project will be worked out the initial elements of flight promising lunar station, Deep Space Gateway, the agreement on creation of which 2024 were achieved by Roscosmos with the United States.

Installation of virtual reality

On the ground of «moon ship», in particular, were collected and tested in the work setting virtual reality. The programme of experiments, the crew members appreciated the taste of different products, delivered on Board the «ship.» In particular, they have tried various soups from the rations supplied by the Russian manufacturer «COSMODIC». In addition, we also tested the products Michurinskiy experimental centre — they have developed a range of packaged products specifically for the experiment SIRIUS.

In the experiment, the Institute has modeled a contingency in the absence of communication with Earth. In such circumstances, the crew has independently developed a programme of action and adapt its performance under varying external conditions. Specialists IBMP were evaluated how effectively the crew members used the opportunity of the spacecraft and equipment.

Women’s participation

Women will participate in all subsequent stages of terrestrial insolation experiment on simulation of a flight to the moon SIRIUS, are also discussed candidates American participants, as stated previously, the eagles.

According to him, is willing to participate in the next experiment, the candidates are also apply for participation in the annual program. There will be people from abroad, considers the participation of American representatives.

Orlov noted that the program will be attended by experts of the German space Agency (DLR), starting with a four-month experiment.

Testing of the simulator of the spacecraft «Federation»

Three of the six crew members of SIRIUS successfully held on Board testing of the simulator new ship of the Russian Federation, told RIA Novosti the Institute of biomedical problems.

According to him, in the framework of the joint programme of work with the RSC «Energia» was conducted testing the mobile simulators in operation and this new spacecraft. It represents a simulator control systems, rendezvous and docking. During the training Serov, Rukavishnikov and Kikin were performed the dynamic operations to assess the quality of operator activity and quality of interaction with the interface of the new machine. During testing was monitored with pulse, pressure was measured by markers of stress.