The Egyptian security forces mobilized to search for the attackers at the mosque

© AP Photo / Amr NabilСотрудники police in Egypt. Archival photoThe Egyptian security forces mobilized to search for the attackers at the mosque© AP Photo / Amr Nabil

The Egyptian security forces seek out terrorists, the perpetrators of Friday attack on a mosque in the area of al-Road to the West of El-Arish in Northern Sinai, told RIA Novosti source in the security agencies of the country.

«Mobilized all forces in the area just North Sinai to search for the attackers. Security forces have also been placed throughout the highway leading to El-Arish from El-Kantara to the East of the Suez canal» — he said, adding that, according to preliminary data, the dead are more than 115 people, injured more than 150.

«The terrorists first detonated an explosive device, and then started to shoot the worshippers in the mosque of the people,» he explained.

The mosque of er-Road is considered the largest in the North of the Sinai Peninsula, belongs to the Ministry of waqfs (religious property) of Egypt. It is located in the area of international alignment in the area of El-Arish to El qantara in the village of bir El Abd West of El-Arish. This mosque is popular, there go hundreds of local residents.

Terrorists during Friday prayers, burst into the mosque to the West of the city of El-Arish in the North of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, they detonated an explosive device, and then running out to shoot their mosques people. There is information that terrorists were shelling even ambulances trying to evacuate wounded from the explosion.

According to official data at this point, killed 155 and injured another 120 people. It was reported that among the victims many children have both military and civilian. The President of Egypt has urgently gathered for a meeting of relevant Ministers to assess the situation. Security forces cordoned off the explosion area and are combing the area in search of criminals.

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🔴BREAKING — 155 Dead, 120 Injured in Mosque Attack in Egypt’s Sinai

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