The former head of Tatfondbank Mussina was hospitalized from jail

© Photo : PJSC «Tatfondbank»the Building of the head office of Tatfondbank. Archive photoThe former head of Tatfondbank Mussina was hospitalized from jail© Photo : PJSC «Tatfondbank»

Former Chairman of the Board of Tatfondbank Robert Musin in custody in the investigation of criminal cases about swindle in especially large size and abuse of authority, on Friday was hospitalized from the Kazan jail-2, informed RIA news the head a press-services of management FSIN of Russia across Tatarstan Inga Mazurenko.

Musin was detained by the Soviet district court of Kazan on March 3, right after interrogation in the investigation Department of the TFR in Tatarstan on suspicion of fraud in the credit of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in especially large size. The Musina period of detention in custody was extended several times, the last time the Volga district court of Kazan on 11 October, extended his arrest until December 16.

«In the morning he complained about the deterioration was caused by an ambulance. The doctors took the decision on his admission in one of the medical institutions», — said Mazurenko.

During his stay in jail he had repeatedly complained of poor health. In early may he was urgently hospitalized in the institution of the Ministry of health of Tatarstan and returned to jail after passing the necessary medical examination, treatment and stabilization. At the end of June he complained of the deterioration of health in the medical unit of the detention facility where he was given necessary medical help.

According to the investigative Department of the TFR in Tatarstan, in respect of Musina criminal case under article «fraud committed in especially large size, abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences», «legalization of funds or other property acquired through the Commission of a crime». The investigation into one combined 22 criminal cases, the total damage from the actions of Musina, as established by the investigation, more than 50 billion rubles.

Central Bank of 15 December 2016 imposed three-month moratorium on satisfaction of creditors of Tatfondbank and a temporary administration in the face of the DIA, and 3 March this year revoked the Bank’s license. As of July, the interim administration has evaluated the Bank’s assets at 71.4 billion and liabilities 189,7 billion. Thus, the «hole» in the Bank’s equity amounted to 118,3 billion rubles. The arbitration court of Tatarstan in April recognized credit institution bankrupt.