The head of Khakassia said Agafya Lykova don’t need help

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Korobeynikova in photobacteria recluse Agafya Lykova. Archival photoThe head of Khakassia said Agafya Lykova don’t need help© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Korobeinikova to the photobank

The head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin told RIA Novosti that the taiga hermit Agafya Lykova don’t need help taking care of her staff reserve, on whose territory she lives.

Words Zimin, mentioned earlier, caused a resonance in mass media. Last week the head of Khakassia during the «straight line» stated that she was against the flights on the territory of the reserve, where they live recluse of the old believer Agafya Lykova, since it violates the law, and also admitted that he is not a fan of it. Press Secretary of the head of the Republic said that the people of the region share the opinion Zimin. The authorities of Kuzbas in response to the statement of the head of Khakassia has noted that it will continue to help the hermit, adding that «you can’t ban friends».

Despite the fact that geographically Zaimka Lykova refers to Khakassia, Kuzbass Governor, Aman Tuleyev, for many years a patron of a recluse and is constantly helping. Letters from Lykova requests Tuleyev most often delivers the head of Tashtagol district Vladimir Makuta, who usually visits the village in the course of preventive overflights to detect forest fires and illegal logging.

«Help (Lykova) no not needed. They reserve regulates these processes: the hunters reserve watch her and help, leave the food, firewood. That is all the necessary help that she needs, she have,» said RIA Novosti Zimin on Friday. He called PR flights to reserve Lykova and recalled that the reserve is prohibited not only landing aircraft, but flying at altitudes below two kilometers.

«By and large, it is the Prosecutor’s check on what basis it could fly,» — said Zimin, noting that himself such a test will not initiate. «Why? It’s just incorrect. We do not behave in the Kemerovo region. I believe it is incorrect to the head of another region to intervene» — said the head of Khakassia, stressing that refers with great respect to Tuleyev and knows it’s not his initiative. «Mr Tuleyev (Tula), he never flew. Tuleyev — the sober person, he understands that these things cannot be done. It is usually at the level of heads of districts, arguing that we need some help» — said Zimin.

«We are ready to help (Lykova), no questions, but this story on anything…. Just someone decided to be advertized on this topic. Distorted everything. Nothing there is no such», — summed up Denis. He said that soon plans to meet with the head of the old believer churches of the region, to discuss the situation. The head of Khakassia also noted that had Agafia, but it was a «very long time», even before he became Governor.

Agafya Lykova is the only surviving representative of the family conservatives have been found by geologists in 1978 in the Western Sayan mountains. The Lykov family lived in isolation since 1937, many years hermits tried to protect the family from the influence of the external environment, especially in relation to faith. Now Agafya Lykova lives in the forest alone.