The Pope hopes that the UN will take the documents on refugees and migrants

© 2017 AFP / Vincenzo Pinto Pope Francis. Archival photoThe Pope hopes that the UN will take the documents on refugees and migrants© 2017 AFP / Vincenzo Pinto

Pope Francis expressed hope that in 2018, the UN will develop and approve two global agreements on migrants and refugees, said Friday the message of the Pope on the occasion of world peace day to be celebrated 1 January.

In the treatment of «Migrants and refugees: women and men in the quest for peace» Pope Francis discusses the reasons for migration, the opportunities that it brings, and policies on the admission and support of those who were forced to leave their homeland.

«Let’s get in the spirit of compassion with arms to accept those who are fleeing from hunger and war, those who were forced to leave their homeland discrimination, persecution, poverty and environmental degradation. We know that it is not enough to open your heart to the suffering of others. Need to be done to our brothers and sisters once again live in security in a new home,» said the Pontiff.

According to him, this requires a clear commitment, connection, goodwill, and chains of care, attention and observation, which need responsible leadership in terms of the still missing resources.

«World leaders must exercise prudence and to take practical actions to take, promote, protect, and integrate (migrants and refugees), and in the framework of a proper understanding of the common good to allow them to be part of a new society,» said Francis, quoting the Encyclical of Pope John XXIII Pacem in Terris, dedicated to human rights.

The heads of state, according to Francis, have a clear responsibility to its citizens whose «rights and harmonious development, they should provide».

In the message Pope Francis recalled one of his predecessor on the papal throne John Paul II on the eve of the new Millennium noted the growing number of displaced persons as a consequence of «the endless and horrifying series of wars, conflicts, genocides and ethnic cleansing» that characterized the twentieth century.

«New century has not brought a real breakthrough: armed conflict and other forms of organized violence continue to cause the movement of peoples within national boundaries and beyond,» said Pope Francis.

He recalled that migrants and refugees «bring your courage, skills, energy and aspirations, and values of their own cultures; and thus they enrich the life of the Nations that host them».

«I sincerely hope that this spirit will guide the process which in the course of 2018 will lead the UN to the development and approval of two global treaties, one for the safe, orderly and regular migration, the second is for refugees», — said the Pontiff.

According to him, being endorsed at the international level, these agreements will form the basis for new political moves and concrete measures: «the only way realism is necessary for international policy, will avoid surrender between cynicism and indifference of globalization.»

The head of the Roman Catholic Church has repeatedly called upon the international community and all people of good will to assist migrants who leave their homeland because of wars and armed conflicts in search of a better life. In November, Pope Francis called the shame of the situation at the moment around the mass migration to Europe. According to him, this acute problem generated by the «unjust socio-political system and wars», for which occurrence of the current refugees have nothing. In August, the Holy see has issued a special papal message on the occasion of the forthcoming world day of migrants and refugees which will be celebrated on 14 January 2018. Francis is the title of the document «to Take, to protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees».

In September, the Pontiff called for «with open arms to accept migrants and refugees» arriving in Europe from Africa and the Middle East.