The Russian art market is becoming more «selective», said the expert

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in fotoballoon city and the gherkin. ArchiveThe Russian art market is becoming more «selective», said the expert© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

Interest in the Russian art market is slowly growing, the market is international and is becoming more «selective», told RIA Novosti in the run-up to the start of November 27 the week of «Russian auction» in London, Director of the international Department of Russian art Christie’s Alex Tiesenhausen.

«The market is not as strong as a few years ago, but I would not say that this applies only to the Russian market. In the beginning of the year to the June auction, many thought that all the market burst, but it is not so, people come, are interested. The June auctions in the end were successful. All right, there are buyers who are looking for interesting things, so Yes, the interest in Russian art is,» he said.

«To hide the fact that the crisis is now, not worth it. The crisis is, those buyers who bought a little, they are not present, but remained the most important,» he added.

Tiesenhausen said that collectors are now carefully preparing for the auction and know exactly what they want to buy.

«They want certain artists, important paintings, important period, good condition. People now know that you need to collect and know what to look for. For example, Konstantin Somov they want the most important period, the same with Valentin Serov and Ilya Repin. Russian collectors are preparing to auctions, look, check, know what they gather. Know your artist, what is the most interesting period of weak period. They want a strong, serious work. On the one hand, it’s so much harder for us, but on the other, much more interesting. We know what they want and what we need to find. The market is very «selective», I’d say so,» said Director of the international Department of Russian art.

According to tizengauzena modern collector builds a collection «slowly and carefully».

«If people buy before the auction 5-6 things, now it’s 2-3, or the most interesting. He is building a collection slowly and carefully. Before that, figuratively speaking, he had empty walls, and he wanted to have it all. Now it is time to think that he will hang on the wall,» he explained.

Continued interest in Russian art and collectors that do not have direct ties with Russia.

«Non-Russian» collectors there, and they have always been. People often forget that before perestroika was the «Russian» market: Russian then not buy it, but foreigners are buying Russian art. After the boom in the Russian art of these non-Russian collectors a little hurt, because they did not have such opportunities. But they still play a role, still collectors without Russian roots buy on the Russian bid. There are foreigners who buy China who are addicted to Alexander Benois, Somov. There are such people, they are few, but they play a role. The Russian art market is very international, not just Russian,» — said the expert.

According to tizengauzena, the market is developing, though not fast.

«Interest is slowly but growing, and among Russians, and among foreigners. There are new buyers – we’re all getting older and there is a new generation that comes up, slowly but steadily,» he said.

As for the popularity of individual artists, it is, says the expert, is an unpredictable thing.

«The popularity never predict. For example, a few years ago was of great interest to Ivan Aivazovsky, he fell, but returned. Twenty years ago, nobody collected chekhonina, now. Luba getting some more when I was playing the market. The market didn’t know him well, it was sold a few years ago, it is very popular. Wanderers had the popularity, then lost, now returned. People often think that we, auctions, and art dealers make the market, but it’s not us, it’s the potential buyers who want some specific pictures. We just try to adapt to the market,» he concluded.