The scientists said, as the cooking of fatty food affects the weather

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in fotovakschool. Archival photoThe scientists said, as the cooking of fatty food affects the weather© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

British chemists have found that fried and fatty foods can affect the weather. The article is devoted to the study of scientists from the universities of reading, Bristol and Bath, published in the journal Nature Communications.

As the researchers note, the air in Metropolitan areas (e.g. London) for 10% of the fumes that appear when cooking fried food. Conducting a laboratory experiment with salt water and oleic acid, the scientists found that the molecules in their drops together in the crystal lattice, able to absorb moisture.

The authors of the experiment suggest that these particles have a significant influence on the weather: getting into the air through the Windows or the hood, they attract moisture, the formation of clouds.

«It is highly likely that these structures affect the absorption of moisture in the atmosphere, increase the lifetime of the molecule, and generally slow down the movement inside the droplets, however, the consequences (these processes — approx. ed.) have yet to explore,» said associate Professor of physical and atmospheric chemistry at the University of reading Christian Frang.

Scientists emphasize that while the studies were conducted only in the laboratory. If outdoor experiments confirm laboratory observations, in the future, this discovery may help in the fight against global warming.


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  1. Indeed it is a fact. In our ancient Hindu texts of revealed knowledge called Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, it is mentioned that pouring cow milk fat called ghee into fire sacrifice called yagna which we perform in temples, results in cloud formation and rains

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