The Sun appeared prominence the size of a half a million kilometers

© Infographics . Alina Polynesia in the sun (animation). Archival photoThe Sun appeared prominence the size of a half a million kilometers© Infographics . Alina Polyanina

The huge size of the prominence appeared on the Sun, it can be seen from Earth through an astronomical filter, is spoken in the message of Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN.»A great opportunity to see solar prominence provides at the moment our star. Almost in the center of the solar disk is one of the most beautiful and the largest (about half a million kilometres) in recent years, dark fiber, and that is the flare. While solar prominences are usually associated with emissions of substances not everyone knows that stage where the flare emitted from the Sun is only the final stage of his much longer life,» astronomers say.

This stage is preceded by a long (sometimes several weeks) stage is when cold dense substance gradually accumulates in the crown of the Sun until finally it reaches a weight that is out of balance and ejected into the surrounding space.

«The substance of the flare consist of «cold» hydrogen, the temperature of which (less than 10 thousand degrees), although it is huge by earthly standards, is almost 100 times less than the ambient corona (about 1 million degrees). For this reason, the protuberance when viewed from above looks like a dark object (usually having the form of fibers), the brightness of which is substantially less than the brightness of the ambient gas. As a cold object can exist for weeks in the hot solar corona and no heat, is one of the puzzles of solar physics to which is dedicated a considerable amount of research,» — says the scientists.

Prominences are among the few objects on the Sun that can be seen directly from the Earth. However, in contrast to the sunspots that can be seen even in the most simple devices like binoculars (accepting, of course, measures to reduce the sunlight), for observation of the flare will require astronomical filter, for example, optical emission line of hydrogen H-Alpha. However, such opportunities available to a large number of astronomy enthusiasts.

Prominences are one of the causes of space weather. As the cold substance of prominences is «foreign» to the solar corona, our star will ultimately always gets rid of it, throwing out into interplanetary space. The longer «lives» the prominence in the corona, the more mass he accumulates, and the larger is the ensuing blast.See now the prominence is among the largest in recent years and is located almost in the center of the solar disk facing Earth. If the gap occurs in the next few days, a substance which we now can only watch from afar, just come into orbit of our planet. However, given the long lifetimes of such facilities, the probability of separation is now relatively small at about 10 %. If it still happens, we are waiting for one of the most beautiful spectacles (separation of the flare from the Sun) and with high probability, 1-2 days subsequent deterioration of the geomagnetic environment.