A Turkish court has released on bail the British, who fought with Kurds against ISIS*

© 2017 AFP / Ahmad Al-RubayeСтена with the flag of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia)A Turkish court has released on bail the British, who fought with Kurds against ISIS*© 2017 AFP / Ahmad Al-Rubaye

A Turkish court freed on bail former British soldier Joe Robinson, who participated in the fighting against the militants of the terrorist organization «Islamic state»* (IG*, banned in Russia) in Syria on the side of the Kurdish forces, reports the Guardian newspaper.

Earlier, 23-year-old Briton Joe Robinson was arrested in July in the Turkish resort of Didim together with a citizen of Bulgaria Rokan Mira (Mira Rojkan) and her mother. Turkish authorities later released the two women, however, arrested Robinson on charges of participation in a terrorist organization.

As confirmed by the publication of the relatives of the British, on Friday, a Turkish court decided to release Robinson after several months of detention on bail. It needs to remain in the country during the investigation. Sam Robinson denies the charges against him.

Robinson in 2012, he served in Afghanistan as part of the British troops. He joined the fight against ISIS in 2015. Five months later, he returned home and was arrested at Manchester airport on suspicion of crimes related to terrorism. Then he was under police surveillance, but he had not been charged. Sam Robinson said he was «very proud of the fight against ISIS».

The Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) as a terrorist group in Turkey, the US and the EU. While Turkey believes that the Syrian Kurds associated with the PKK. Ankara has repeatedly stressed earlier that the objective of the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds (PYD) is not a fight against ISIS, but «the assertion of lawlessness as a fait accompli and change the demographic structure of the region.»

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia