In Alma-ATA journalist chained themselves handcuffed because of the amendments to the law on mass media

© RIA Novosti / Anatoly Ustinenko-ATA. Archival photoIn Alma-ATA journalist chained themselves handcuffed because of the amendments to the law on mass media© RIA Novosti / Anatoliy Ustinenko

Journalist Daniyar Moldabekov handcuffed himself to a tree on one of the Central streets of Almaty to protest against the amendments in the law relating to journalistic activities.

Kazakhstan’s Parliament are currently amendments to the law on information and communications. The bill approved by the Majilis (lower chamber) of the Republic in two readings and in the near future should be considered in the Senate (the upper house). The document, in particular, involves the requirement for journalists to obtain permission for personal, family, medical and banking secrets. Despite the fact that the developers have repeatedly stated that the standards prescribed in other laws, these stories caused an outcry among representatives of the profession.

«I am now on the street Panfilov in Almaty… I’m in handcuffs, behind us is constrained,» Moldabekov told RIA Novosti by phone.

On his page in Facebook the journalist wrote that the goal of his action — «oral discussion/conversation/interview with the honorable Minister of information and communications Dauren by Abievym». «I am a professional journalist. I’m a journalist by training and vocation. Some amendments to the law on mass media, especially the point about the coordination of the publication with potential corrupt officials, information about crimes which finds journalist is unacceptable,» — said in his post.

He said that he can’t just sit and wait, «watching the murder and violence against the… profession.» «I will continue these peaceful actions including a hunger strike, as long as the Minister will not agree to talk to me», — the journalist wrote.

In turn, the press Secretary of the Ministry of information and communications of Kazakhstan Albina Aten has told RIA Novosti that the doors of the Ministry are always open for citizens.

«We live in a democratic and modern country, where every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the site or on the record may be received by any Minister. There are special days allocated for the reception of citizens. Every Thursday, the Minister of information and communications Dauren Abayev accepts all applied to him of citizens on various issues. It is not necessary to declare the protests in the hunger strike,» she said.

Aten stressed that «during the discussion of the draft law, the Ministry was open to dialogue and has accepted more than 250 amendments from the public and the media.»