In Pakistan police arrested dozens of people during protests in Islamabad

© AP Photo / Anjum NaveedПакистанские soldiers and police officers. Archival photoIn Pakistan police arrested dozens of people during protests in Islamabad© AP Photo / Anjum Naveed

Pakistani police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters in the capital Islamabad, dozens of people were detained, reports Geo TV.

In the Pakistani capital for several days of mass protests. The reason for this was caused by the government’s decision to change the electoral law. In accordance with this law, candidates from among the Muslims were obliged to sign a statement in which he confirmed the agreement with the immutability of the Islamic faith.

As reported, on Friday the Pakistani authorities issued the latest warning that the protesters must leave the streets. After refusing police launched an operation to disperse the protesters.

Demonstrators threw stones at the military, several people were injured. The hospital was delivered in about 30 injured, among them 14 war.

According to the channel, protests held in Karachi, as well as in settlements and Sambrial in Sialkot district of Pakistan’s Punjab province.

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