In the oncological center Blokhin responded to allegations of extorting money from patients

© Depositphotos / sudok1В the hospital corridor. Archival photoIn the oncological center Blokhin responded to allegations of extorting money from patients© Depositphotos / sudok1

Evidence of review of the Russian cancer center named after Blokhin attorney General’s office that relate to 2016, disorders associated with systemic low financing costs, is currently the Prosecutor General’s office does not conduct inspections, told RIA Novosti press-service medical facilities.

The Prosecutor General’s office earlier revealed violations at the Blokhin oncological center Blokhin: clinics illegally charging patients money for free services. The press service of the SMRC Oncology, Blokhin RIA Novosti reported that the need to pay for the treatment of patients arises from the fact that the current for this type of help rate MHI does not cover all the costs.

«Announced in the media data on the inspections of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation relate to the period 2016 and contain the results of audits of Federal Fund of obligatory medical insurance. Planned in 2016 HIF checked the activities of the fgbi «SMRC Oncology named after N. N. Blokhin» of the Russian Ministry of health to monitor use of funds and found irregularities, which are caused by systematic underfunding of the actual cost of diagnosis and treatment of patients,» — said the press service of the health facilities.

At the cancer center said that the rate of HIF to conduct an ultrasound of the abdomen for free fluid in accordance with the tariff agreement for 2017 is 123,56 of the ruble, while its real cost is 1388 rubles. The volume identified in the 2016 financial irregularities SMRC Oncology, Blokhin made up 0.26% of the total funding received from the cancer center of the HIF, said in a medical facility.The hospital added that often patients come to the cancer center residual, inaccurate or unconfirmed diagnoses, research for which is already paid from the funds of the regional FOMS. In this regard, the performance of all re-manipulations possible only at the expense of own funds of a patient, in addition, often patients themselves initiate a study, prescribed by doctors, said in a cancer center

«Jointly developed with the Ministry of health of Russia in October 2017, the mechanism of compensation of funds spent, the cancer center already carries out work for their payments to patients with a confirmed diagnosis. Currently, inspections by the General Prosecutor’s office or other offices of the fgbi «SMRC Oncology named after N. N. Blokhin» not conducted», — stated in the center.

In Federal Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) has previously denied allegations of the oncological center Blokhin the failure of filling rates CHI medical care in the profile «Oncology». The Fund stressed that the tariff structure in accordance with the law on mandatory health insurance includes all items of expenses of medical institution on the provision of such care, including salaries of health workers, medicines and other expenses. The size of the tariff is indexed annually, added to the HIF.In the oncological center Blokhin responded to allegations of extorting money from patients© RIA Novosti, Infografiken or cancer? Myths and facts about skin neoplasms