Kudrin: medicine in 15 years can make a person «almost immortal»

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The level of development of medicine in 10 years will make a person «almost immortal», but Russia to this change is not quite ready, said the Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR), the head of Committee of civil initiatives (THD) Alexei Kudrin.

One of the main challenges for Russia, Kudrin called the technological gap. He noted that today a new breakthrough technology implemented in the banking sector, trade, everyday life, information exchange, and in the next ten years is, in his opinion, transform the world.

«I’m afraid to be banal, saying that in the next ten years will become a regular on our streets unmanned vehicle. In ten years it will become common practice. Also somewhere in 10-15 years it will take to medicine, in fact, solved one of the problems we will be almost immortal people, a number of achievements in genetics, medicine, the production of bodies», — Kudrin said during the all-Russian civil forum OIG.

However, he said, ten years later «wither away» about 13% of the existing professions. «We live in a changing world, and we do this not quite ready. Our education, large and small businesses, our economic model is not yet time for these changes», — said the head of the OIG.