Kudrin said about the need to reduce the number of officials in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotoreceptor Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin at the V all-Russian civil forum. 25 Nov 2017Kudrin said about the need to reduce the number of officials in Russia© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said in an interview in the program «Vesti on Saturday» channel «Russia 1» the need to reduce bureaucracy in the country.

In the program it was noted that now in Russia on 10 thousand of population is 148 officials. According to Kudrin, this figure should be reduced to 100.

«Now there is talk about increasing the performance of officials in 2-3 and more times at the expense of application of new management models, data analysis, decision-making. Part of the solutions, more of these routine, regular: extracts of all certificates and documents — it will be carried later political machine. So I think that we have the ability to reduce officials. But not only the point. The fact that civil society needs to create their own channels of communication with power, control, influence», — said Kudrin.

He also spoke about his possible appointment to the post of Prime Minister.

«I do not comment on these assumptions, it is not for me to decide. For it has its own legal procedure, but all you need to do to ensure that in the future the government was successful, I am willing to do that,» Kudrin said.