Major companies go with YouTube for showing their advertisement in the questionable video

© Flickr / RegoЛоготип of YouTubeMajor companies go with YouTube for showing their advertisement in the questionable video© Flickr / Rego

Mars, Hewlett-Packard and Deutsche Bank refuse advertising on YouTube after it became clear that their advertising materials were shown in children’s commercials with the improper comments, the newspaper Financial Times. The company said that hard to respond to questionable videos.

Earlier, the broadcasting company of Bi-bi-si and the newspaper the Times published an investigation on the incorrect system of moderation of comments. According to them, the failure has affected the system complaints about inappropriate content, because of what administrators did not receive a text and reference on which it reported by users. As a result, obscene comments under children’s videos for a long time. According to the media, sharing can be registered up to 100 thousand accounts from which obscene comments were published for children’s videos.

Many companies said they are «shocked» by the investigation. From advertising in YouTube and Google (which owns YouTube) refused food manufacturers, Mars and Mondelez, the German financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank, sportswear manufacturer Adidas and the famous computer maker Hewlett-Packard.

The video said that he disabled the comment function to those videos, which have attracted the attention of violators.

«We have a clear position in relation to videos that sexually exploit children, and we strictly use it when we receive warning of such content,» the newspaper quoted the representative of YouTube. According to him, the company toughens up the attitude even to those videos and the comments that do not violate the law, but «worrisome.»

In March, Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s, HSBC, Lloyds, television and radio bi-Bi-si and the Guardian newspaper has removed ads from YouTube due to the fact that their ads were shown in an extremist videos.