Media: Argentine activist Maldonado died, choking in the water

© 2017 AFP / Eitan Abramovich memory March Santiago Maldonado, an activist who disappeared in ArgentinaMedia: Argentine activist Maldonado died, choking in the water© AFP 2017 / Eitan Abramovich

The autopsy of Argentine activist Santiago Maldonado testified that the cause of his death was «asphyxia due to drowning» and hypothermia, according to the publication Gaceta.

According to the publication, also found on the body traces of blows or other injuries. The body of a young man was in the river Chubut province in southern Argentina 72 days.

«Date of death is not accurate. We cannot conclude how or when he died Santiago, but he was always in the same place, in the same river» — leads edition the words of the family lawyer Maldonado Veronica Heredia.

The lawyer also called for further investigation into the death of Maldonado, which, in her words, connected with «enforced disappearance, which led to the death.» «What we ask for is an impartial investigation that has not yet begun,» — leads the channel Telesur words of Heredia.

Edition Voz notes that the autopsy of 28 professionals who have come to full agreement on the results.

Earlier it was reported that the body of Maldonado, who went missing in early August, found at the end of October in the river. Experts have established his identity and noted that Maldonado was drowned, and his body no marks of violence.

Earlier, tens of thousands of people took part in protests in the main square of Buenos Aires to Plaza de Mayo (Square»may») after the disappearance of 28-year-old Santiago Maldonado in August during the protests. The demonstrators gathered in front of the presidential Palace and called to find Maldonado. It was noted that the relatives of the young man accused the government that it has allowed the police force to take Maldonado with the protest. Authorities deny involvement in the incident.